Interactive Map of the World

Ever wondered where Antananarivo is? Search this world map to pinpoint it on the globe. (Bonus points if you knew it was the capital city of Madagascar).

This map is called a Mercator Projection, which means it is presented as if the 3D globe is stretched out as you move towards the top and bottom of the map to make it fit on a rectangular map. The effect is that Antactica (in the south) and Greenland (in the north) look much wider and larger than they actually are in reality. For a more accurate 3D globe effect on your computer try Google Earth.

Click on the "Sat" button to see a photographic map of the world from satellite photos. You can zoom in to see geographical features around the world like rivers, snowfields, lakes, beaches and islands, and also man-made features on the map like bridges, cities, buildings or even your own house.

Political map of the world

This world map from the CIA Factbook shows political borders as at 2009. Unlike the Mercator projection above, this map is not rectangular. It is what is known as a Robinson Projection, which more accurately shows the relative sizes of landmasses near the north and south poles.

Political map of the world 2009

Children's maps of the world

Children love to learn about the world by looking at maps, imagining what it would be like to live in all the different countries. A special map of the world designed for educational purposes can help a child's love of learning by engaging their natural interest and imagination. Children's maps can show all sorts of things to tell a story, such as the different animals or peoples that live in the various lands and seas. Here is an example of a world map with bright pictures of animals and cultures.

chilren's map of the world with animals and cultures

For more specific educational purposes, maps can be a great way of presenting information about the world in a easy to understand format. This is a map showing the flags of all the countries of the world (and no, Antarctica does not have its own flag!):

map of the flags of the countries of the world