| Maps for Australia! is a resource for maps of Australia, World maps, outline maps for students, 3D elevation maps, driving maps, tourist maps, and maps of gold deposits.

Everybody needs maps to get around, or just to find out more about the world. There are all kinds of maps: roll up maps, fold out driving maps, online aerial photo maps, and GPS maps that give you directions when you're driving. Some of the most popular online maps are detailed below, with tips on how to get the most out of Google Maps.

Old maps of Australia are fascinating, showing the progress of exploration and the development of knowledge about this great continent.

Google maps tips

Google maps are an amazing free resource. You probably already know you can search the map for a location or address, but did you know you can access these features as well:

  • High quality photos of the land. Mainly taken from satellites, but over capital cities Google has also flown lower altitude planes to take very detailed images. See what your house looks like from above!
  • Street view: while you're looking at a photo from above, click on "Street View" on the map to see your house from the street. It's also a great way to check out tourist accommodation before you visit, so you can see if their brochure matches the reality!
  • Driving directions: click "Get Directions" and tell Google the start and end points. It will produce a turn-by-turn set of driving instructions for you that you can print off and guide you to your destination.
  • Webcams are easy to find by clicking the "More" button near the top of the map.  It will show mini-pictures of available webcam images, usually updated regularly. Want to see what traffic is like on the Harbour Bridge or William Street? Check the live RTA webcam.
  • If you are planning a holiday, go to the map and select the "photos" and "videos" options from the "More" menu. See photos that are linked to the map locations, as well as YouTube videos. Plan your trip before you go!
  • Latitude and longitude can be activated for your Google maps cursor by selecting them on under the "New" button near the top of the map. If you need to give someone an exact location and there is no street address nearby, this tool could be your solution.

Just click on the above interactive map of Australia to get started!

NearMap photo maps

A similar website with aerial photos overlaid on Australian city maps is This is similar to the Google Maps satellite picture, with the added benefit that you can select and compare photos from various dates. For example, maps of Sydney can be viewed as at November 2009, January 2010 and March 2010. This can be useful for spotting changes that would otherwise not be visible. Local councils use NearMap to look for unapproved extensions and other building work that suddenly appears on the photo map!